Guardian Ship Protection

In times of constant danger from pirate attacks on the world’s seas, the Guardian Ship Protection System provides effective protection against attackers.

As the first true alternative to NATO wire, GUARDIAN™ protects your crew from injuries and prevents direct confrontation with attackers.

The GUARDIAN™ system does not provide any contact area for ladders and grappling hooks. Its specially shaped barriers make it impossible for attackers to overcome them by their own means. GUARDIAN™ barriers are quick, easy, and safe to install and can also be just as easily removed. You can use the barriers on another ship without any problems. This reduces the workload for your crew. GUARDIAN™ stands out thanks to its robustness and durability and does not need to be replaced, unlike NATO wire. We have the GUARDIAN™ systems in stock as a specialist dealer and representative of Guardian Maritime Ltd. in Europe and the USA. Our GUARDIAN™ barriers come with a 5-year warranty. Guardian offers you a low-cost alternative compared to other anti-piracy systems.